Saupin's School
Affiliated with CBSE New Delhi, Affiliation No. 2630053
A Minority Education Institution
Covered under section 2(g) of the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions Act, 2004
Preference will be given in this order:
  1. Applicants of the Christian Community
  2. Wards of Teachers/Staff of Saupin's School
  3. Siblings of Present Students
  4. Those residing nearest the school (Sector wise)
Mandatory Documents to be attached as listed below:
  • Copy of proof of Christian Community. (for applicants under category1)
  • Copy of the Birth Certificate
  • Copy of the Proof of Residence. (Present)
  • Copy of Transfer Certificate
  • Copy of Report Card of Class X First Term / Pre-Board.
  • Copy of Aadhar Card (Father, Mother and Child)
  • Character Certificate
  • Declaration of income from all sources. Along with:
    • Latest copy(s) of Acknowledgement(s) of Income Tax Return
    • Computation of Income. (From all earning members of family)
Fill in only the Fields applicable to your ward.

Admission for Class*
Female Male Transgender
Student's Name*
Father's Name*
Mother's Name *
Student's Date of Birth*

Mobile Number *
E-Mail Id

Application for Category*
Blood Group*
Whether belonging to any minority community?*
In case of other minority community, please specify?
Aadhar Card No
Previous School
Previous Class
Walking distance from School (kms)
Languages spoken at home
Registration No. Class X
Board Class X
Year of passing class X
Only Child of Parent*
Yes    No    
Only girl child of parent*
Yes    No    
Proficiency of Applicant in Games/Co-curricular Activities/ Any other achievements*

Father's Education Qualification
Father's Occupation
Father's Designation
Father's Organization/Department
Father's Mobile No*
Phone No.
Father's Email Id*
Father's Annual Income (Approx.)
Mother's Education Qualification
Mother's Occupation
Mother's Designation
Mother's Organization/Department
Mother's Mobile No*
Phone No.
Mother's Email Id*
Mother's Annual Income (Approx.)
Total family income from all sources (Annual)
Area(s)/field(s) in which parent/gaurdian would like to contribute to enrich school life.
In case of other area/field, please specify?

Guardian's Name
Guardian's Education Qualification
Guardian's Occupation
Guardian's Designation
Guardian's Organization/Department
Guardian's Mobile No.
Guardian's Email Id
Guardian's Annual Income (Approx.)

Siblings' Admission No.
Relation with applicant
Siblings' Name
Siblings' Class
Sibling House

Student Lives With*
Both Parents    Mother    Father    Other    
Legal Custody
Both Parents    Mother    Father    Other    
Correspondence With
Both Parents    Mother    Father    Other    
Check if appropriate
Father Deceased    Parents Divorced    Father Remarried    Mother Deceased    Parents Separated    Mother Remarried    Parents living outside India    
Health History of Applicant

Allergy to any food*
Does the child have any problem during physical activity?*
Yes    No    
Conveyance Information

Want to opt for bus facility*
If no, please select mode of transport to commute to the school*
Subjects Offered for Class XI (Commerce Stream): English, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy

Please choose the fifth subject (Class XI)
Maths    Physical Education    

Birth Certificate
Blood Group Report
Residence Proof
Transfer Certificate (UKG-XII)
Report Card (UKG-IX, XII)
Report Card of Class X (First Term/Pre-Board)- Applicable for class XI
ST/SC/OBC Certificate (If Applicable)
Minority Certificate (If applicable)
Aadhar Card (Student)
Aadhar Card (Father)
Aadhar Card (Mother)
Income Tax Return(s) (Computation of Income from all sources)
Acknowledgement of above ITR(s)
Upload Photo


    1. Please note that after successful submission of the Application Form, the candidate will get an E-mail that will confirm his/her provisional registration with a Form Number. For this, candidates should provide valid E-mail Ids.
    2. Parents are strongly urged to try for admission in other schools as well, as it will not be possible to accommodate all applicants.
    3. Registration fees for the application is non-refundable and does not in any way guarantee admission. Parents are requested to clarify any doubt(s) before making payment. Admission will be given purely on the basis of rules prescribed.
    4. Parents are warned that they may be approached by people claiming to know the Management/Principal or having a say in the admission procedure. Please do not be misled by them.
    5. Any attempt to use friends or influential people in procuring recommendations for admission will invite automatic disqualification.
    6. Incomplete forms, or those filled with wrong information, may be rejected
    7. Admission form is free of cost.
    8. Kindly bring the originals of all documents / certificates submitted by you, at the time of securing admission.
No change in the names of students, mother or father, including change in spelling, addition or subtraction of surname or the age of the student will be allowed.
The attached (undertaking in the form of an affidavit) is to be submitted to the school on stamp paper of Rs. 50/- at the time of actual admission duly attested by Notary - (at the time of payment of admission fees.)
Link of Affidavit
If after successful submission of the Admission form you are unable to make the required payment a link enabling you to make the payment will be generated and sent to you via email in due course.
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